Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Georgian May Day celebrations

"Here they are! The sweeps are come! Here is the garland and the Lord and Lady! Poor fellows! This is their great festival. Their garland is a large cone of holly and ivy framed upon hoops...whereon is sometimes a floral crown, knots of ribbons or bunches of flowers...within it is a man who walks wholly unseen. The chimney sweepers' jackets and hats are bedizened with gilt embossed paper...their black faces and legs are grotesquely coloured with Dutch-pink; their shovels are scored with this crimson pigment, interlaced with white chalk."
Hone's Everyday Book 1825

Saturday, 13 April 2013

A wee bit sexist?

This day is published
Elphingston Balfour's Sale Catalogue
Containing a very large
Which begin to be sold at his shop on Monday the 24th current.
The Books are generally in good condition, and the lowest prices are marked at each book.
It is requested that Gentlemen in the country, that they will desire their Carriers to call for Catalogues, and what commissions they are so good as to give, shall be punctually executed. 

The Edinburgh Advertiser for 1791