Monday, 22 October 2012

A Delicious Dictionary of Eighteenth Century slang

Taken from Francis Grose's 1785 "The Vulgar Tongue"
Admiral of the narrow seas- One who from drunkenness vomits into the lap of the person sitting opposite him. Seaphrase.
Adam's Ale- Water
Abbess, or Lady Abbess- a bawd, the  mistress of a brothel
Amen Curler- a parish clerk
Amusers- rogues who carried snuff or dust in their pockets which they threw into the eyes of any person they intended to rob; and running away, their accomplices (pretending to pity and assist the half-blinded person) took that opportunity of plundering him
Apple Dumplin shop- a woman's bosom
Autem Cackle Tub- a conventicle or meeting house for dissenters. Cant.
Autem Dippers- Anabaptists. Cant.
Autem Quavers- Quakers. Cant.

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